Davy Vanacken

About me


I am a post-doc in the human-computer interaction lab of the Expertise Centre for Digital Media, a research institute of Hasselt University and Flanders Make core lab. I received a master's degree in computer science and knowledge engineering in 2004, and a PhD in computer science in 2012, both from the transnational University Limburg (an international cooperation between Hasselt University, Belgium and Maastricht University, the Netherlands). In general, my research revolves around new methods and notations for engineering interactive computing systems, and prototyping and evaluating new interaction techniques and visualizations. I have a specific interest in intelligibility, gestural and multimodal user interfaces, augmented and virtual reality, and co-located collaborative interaction. I am also teaching several courses on computer science and human-computer interaction at Hasselt University.

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Davy Vanacken @ UHasselt - LinkedIn - Twitter Hasselt University - tUL - Flanders Make Expertise Centre for Digital Media Diepenbeek, Belgium