TAP is a system to learn to play the piano and improve your piano playing skills. We augmented a piano with an alternative and easy-to-read music scores notation that is displayed on top of the piano and show the piano player when and how long keys have to be pressed. Our aim is not to replace classical music scores, but to offer a new and complementary way for training timing, hand posture and key location. Our system uses MIDI to communicate with the piano and as the underlying model for our score visualisations. TAP can be configured for various types of pianos with different number of keys. This ensures it can scale up when the user moves on to other and more advanced types of piano's.


Mastering a musical instrument can be highly satisfying for many amateur musicians, but this is still often feasible only after one learned the theoretical aspects like music score reading and interpretation. This limits musicians to start early with practical exercises. There are many musicians out there that need to resort to software on a computer to help them to train themselves. Our solution provides direct training of musicians in a fun way that allows users to immediately notice improvements to their skills. TAP can be easily extended with game aspects (e.g. a piano battle where four-handed play is practiced) and integrated with social software.


Karel Robert for helping out with the designs and Luc Adriaens for capturing the video