Workshop Theme

Due to the proactive and complex behavior of pervasive computing environments, it is important that systems are intelligible (or scrutable) to allow users to understand “what the systems know, how they know it, and what they are doing”. Furthermore, these systems should put end-users at the center of control by empowering them to better co-ordinate, control, and personalize pervasive systems. Intelligibility and control are crucial to improve the usability of these novel, and possibly unintuitive, systems and to help users understand, appreciate, trust, and ultimately adopt them.

The aim of the Pervasive Intelligibility workshop series is to provide a forum for specifying, designing, developing, and evaluating intelligible and user-controllable pervasive computing systems. Drawing upon the state-of-the-art, our goal is to refine existing and identify new directions for research in intelligibility and user-centric controls for pervasive computing that will foster further work in the community.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Novel applications and prototypes in pervasive computing highlighting intelligibility and/or user-driven control.
  • Programming techniques (e.g., design patterns, models), algorithms, middleware, toolkits and tools to support intelligibility and/or control.
  • Models, theory and conceptual frameworks about how users understand and interact with pervasive systems.
  • Interaction techniques and user interfaces to support intelligibility and/or control, including information visualization techniques to help users better interpret explanations from pervasive computing systems and better understand how they can control them.
  • User studies of pervasive computing systems and experience reports addressing end-user needs and discussing issues of intelligibility and control.
  • Evaluation criteria and methods to assess support for intelligibility and control in pervasive computing systems.

For more information, we refer to the Call for Papers.


Contact Us

The organizing committee can be contacted at PerIntWS@gmail.com.